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Best upgrade options for dell optiplex 330


I have a dell optiplex 330 and am just wondering what would be the best upgrade options available for my system.

My current setup is as below:

cpu: intel core 2 duo E8400 @3.0ghz, though my bios version A03 reads only 2.0ghz

ram: 1gb

OS: Win XP SP3 (32bit)

I use my pc mainly for music production running Audition 3.0, Cubase Le4, FL Studio 7

I am expecting my phonic helix universal 18 mixer (both firewire and usb interfaces) sometime soon and will therefore be doing alot of multi-track recording and mixing in Audition 3.0. I have an ADS Pyro pci firewire card installed in my system.

I want my system to be totally upto the challenge without having to change the mother board.

Please give me the best upgrades for this system (both hardware and software) that will suit my intended use.


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Re: Best upgrade options for dell optiplex 330

Forgot to ask, Can my system support 1TB hard drive? I currently use 160GB and I think I'll run out of space pretty soon.

Any one please?

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