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Bios "Cannot run under protected environment"

How do I Run the file D81XPXP2.exe after downloading? I Get the Message:Cannot run under protected environment
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Re: Bios "Cannot run under protected environment"

You get this message because you are tying to flash the BIOS from within Windows or from a DOS window within Windows. The BIOS flash can only be run from a pure DOS environment. Go back to the download site and download the verison of the BIOS upgrade package with a filename that starts with the letter "B". Run the program from your hard drive and it will prompt you to insert a formatted blank floppy disk in the a: drive. It will then create a DOS bootable floppy with the BIOS upgrade program on it. Make sure that your BIOS is set to boot from the floppy drive first, and reboot your computer with newly created disk in the a: drive. It will then prompt you to flash the BIOS to the new version. Be sure that there is no possibility of a power interruption during this upgrade process.

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