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Black Screen and perhaps other issues after Graphics Drivers Update

Issue: After updating my AMD Radeon graphic's drivers through the device manager I got a black screen and could not get my screen back. 

Things I have tried: 

-I have completely power down and unplugged everything to release an static electricity.

-I removed the CMOS battery from the motherboard and put it back in after a few minutes to try to boot into safe mode

-This caused the computer to produce a repeating loop of 5 beeps when I initially started the computer. I powered it down and the next morning I booted the computer back up and there are no beeps

History of this computer:

I had purchased a Dell Inspiron 660s Desktop around 4 years ago and have been using it since. I knew nothing about computer specifications back then and I would not have purchased that model if I had known what I know now. 

I had added a new graphics card to the desktop around three years ago and had great trouble doing so. I do not remember which one it exactly was but it was an AMD Radeon low profile card that was recommended to me for use in the 660s. I believe I had PSU issues when first installing it but it after a great deal of different solutions I eventually got it to work. 

I have run into issues where the graphics card caused my monitor not to show anything. It has been a while so I do not know what had caused the issue or exactly how I fixed it. I do remember that I had to remove the graphics card and rely on the integrated graphics so I could get the drivers for the new card working.

I am currently without my normal tools because I am away from my house for a while. My monitor accepts VGA, DVI and HDMI, but I only have my DVI cable with me and that is the attachment for the graphics card. The integrated graphics only outputs VGA or HDMI so I am probably going to go and get an HDMI cable today.

I believe my issue is that when updating the graphics drivers there was a bad driver installed. I don't know how to remove that bad driver without being able to see my screen. I also think that with removing and putting back the CMOS battery, there could be more issues now upon boot up of computer.

Thanks for any help you can give,


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