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Blue Screen after driver update and added memory

I have added 2gb of RAM to my Inspiron 530 with no problems, but when checking my Device Manager I found certain drivers missing. These were for VGA, Intel Chipset, 10/100 Network card, PCI Bus and a couple of others I cant recall (unable to check which ones as cant get past Blue Screen which says STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x804F13B7, 0xBA503AAC, 0xBA5037A8) I also reinstalled the Dell Support Manager utility. Screen says computer has closed at Windows XP logon to stop damage and to go to Safe Mode and disable problem driver before trying a restart, but certain drivers installed as a package so how do I progress? Please Help!

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RE: Blue Screen after driver update and added memory

Drivers must be installed in order. Chipset and Desktop System Software must be installed first or the rest of the drivers will not install properly. After installing those 2 first, install the video and then all rest.

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