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Blue screen during start up

My son dropped my laptop unfortunately. It was working right after he did then I shut it off now when I turn it on it's a blue screen saying sorry we can't automatically repair system. So I went to advance repair and tried everything there was and it would say sorry cannot repair.... I turned it back on this morning and it beeps 4x still blue screen.... I'm guessing Im needing a new laptop


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RE: Blue screen during start up

Always include exact PC model and version of Windows in your posts.

4 beeps is probably a memory problem. So the first thing would be to reseat the RAM modules in their slots. But without knowing the exact laptop model, I can't say this is something you can/should attempt on your own. Maybe you have a geeky friend who can help..? Look for the Service Manual for your exact model on Dell's Support site here:

BTW: This is the Desktop hardware forum. The laptop forum is here:


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RE: Blue screen during start up

Hi Bossb,

Thanks for posting.

While it is possible that you may need a new laptop, try a couple of things before you give up.  Open the computer and reseat the memory, check the hard drive connections, put everything back together and turn it on again.  Could be just the insides were jossled.  It is also possible that the hard drive did not survive the drop, so if you have another hard drive, you could install it and see if that resolves the issue.

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