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Blue screen when connecting digital camera

Hello All

any help would be welcomed

I have a Dimension 8100 running Win. XP after connecting a new digital camera

I receive a message in the tool bar ......so quickly I didn't have time to read it

something about a high speed usb trying to connect click on icon to correct problem

then I get the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH stop message before I have a chance to click on icon

I know the 8100 is 1.1 usb & the camera is 2.0,but I thought it was backward comp.

So do I need to purchase a 2.0 usb or is there some other fix for this problem

I did install the software first,also went to mfg. web site & downloaded usb drivers

this seemed to work then I got message stating hi-speed usb connected to nonhi-speed

will work slower recommended using hi-speed

connected camera again & got blue sceen




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Re: Blue screen when connecting digital camera

Normally, with Windows XP, no extra drivers are needed, the proper drives are already in Windows XP.  The drivers that come with cameras are usually only for Win98/Me, etc, not for Windows XP.  If you've installed the drivers for the older operating systems you have corrupted your system and it can cause blue screens or whatever.  Do a System Restore and select a date PRIOR to instaling the drivers and that MAY get clear out the Windows XP.  If not, you may have to do a Windows XP "Repair" or ultimately a complete "clean" reinstall of Windows XP. 

Same way witht he USB drivers, you should not use any USB chipset drivers other than what is supplied by Dell.  Dell uses proprietary motherboards and 3rd party drivers for any of the Dell supplied devices can again corrupt the system. 

The message about connecting at 2.0 device to a 1.1 port is not an "error" message, just an information message about connecting a 2.0 device.  That shouldn't cause any problems and it should still work, just it will transfer data at the 1.1 USB speed, not the faster 2.0 speed.

The first thing to do is to try and get your system back to the way it was before you first attempted to install the camera.  Then get any applicable Dell updates for your system, including BIOS and chipset drivers, etc.  Also, if you haven't done it, download and install the Windows XP, SP1 - it has many fixes (including support for USB 2.0) and security updates.  After you get the PC configured properly and updated, do a final Windows Restart and then just connect the camera to the PC, do not install any software and see if connects properly and you are able to transfer pictures.  If the camera is "WIA" (Windows Image Acquistion) compliant, the Windows XP camera and scanner wizard will automatically come up and allow you to transfer pictures to the hard drive.  If it's not WIA, you will have to use the Windows Explorer and access the camera as a drive letter and then copy the pictures to the hard drive.

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