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Bluetooth constantly disconnects from Bose color Soundlink Speaker on New XPS8700-Win10-Multimedia Monitor

So far 3 people in Dell support have worked on this same problem to no avail.
One of them downloaded another Bluetooth driver ( I think this may even be a wrong driver)  and set the Bose speaker as default. It works for a time, but as soon as the computer sleeps or is turned off, the Bluetooth disconnects. I cannot set the speaker to default.
The only way I can get the speaker to work initially, is to remove click on setting and remove the device and re-pair it. But how often do I need to do this?
After pairing the speaker with Bluetooth, everything works correctly. A few hours after I do not use the computer, the Bluetooth somehow disconnects. I check the settings and gone is the set as default checkmark and the sound I hear comes only from the multimedia monitor speaker.
I turn the computer on and the speaker (Bose) says paired with computer. I look in the devices folder and it reads Bose color soundlink - PAIRED. But the sound still comes from the multimedia monitor.
Then I look in the playback devices and the option to set the bose speaker as default is gone. No amount of right clicking changes it.
Then I checked the device manager and the Bose is listed.
Then I check the Bluetooth hands free audio properties and it says disconnected. So I click "connect" and it tries to connect, but it cannot. The only device listed in playback devices is the multimedia monitor.
I've added a couple of screenshots. Please help if you can.
Forever grateful,
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