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Boot Mode (FVS boot mode enabled)

Hi Guys,

We are struggling with an Poweredge R730xd server.

During the last scheduled downtime, our server started up as usual, although presented a new boot message which we have never seen before. The message comes up after all BIOS and IDRAC drivers boot after the Dell logo. Immediately once the option to press F2 (System Settings) becomes available the system shows us FVS Boot mode enabled.

We have been trying to find out what this means, but until now we had no success.

This server was in BIOS boot mode before the restart and we need BIOS boot mode to PXE our Linux Image. Once system settings is accessed and we try to change the BIOS boot mode to "BIOS" boot instead of UEFI the setting reverts back to UEFI after the finish button is pressed and also stays on UEFI boot mode even after a restart.

We have tried to upgrade all the HW component FW and still no success.

Searching the web did not provide info for FVS, except that for some older servers there were an VFS jumper on the management Riser Card.

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RE: Boot Mode (FVS boot mode enabled)

Hi, Could you please give me more information on this. What are the Firmware version on the server?

Was there any changes when server was brought down

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