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Brand new Inspiron 24-3459 can't load windows consistently

My company just purchased 18 Dell Inspiron 24's and I've been running into some serious issues. I've been attempting to load our enterprise copy of win 10 onto them, so far I'm only onto the second one because every time I boot the PC after deleting the stock partitions and installing windows, it loads the Dell Supportassist tool instead of windows. This happened with the first Inspiron as well but I solved that by disabling Auto OS recovery tries in BIOS as well as IPv4 and IPv6 PXE boot option. That first one has loaded windows fine since, however, I tried the same thing with the second one and I only got partial results. 

after applying the BIOS settings on the second Inspiron I was able to boot to my win 10 media and begin the installation, when it came to restart after the installation finished, it booted back into the Dell SupportAssist. after 4-6 reboots it did finally continue the installation process. After getting into windows I changed the netBIOS name and joined it to our domain. which required me to reboot. once again it was back to the Supporassist screen except now it doesn't even scan for problems, just tells me that there is "no bootable devices". I should also mention that it is attempting to boot over PXE even after it was disabled in BIOS before loading the supportassist. well after another 4 or 5 reboots it did load into windows again and I started downloading updates. I've rebooted again to continue the upgrade to win 10 v1511 and now I can't get it past the supportassist anymore, and even if I could it wouldn't change the fact that it takes 5-6 reboots every time to get windows to load.

I'm thinking I might have to load win 10 with legacy BIOS setting instead of UEFI, but my manager is against using it. I'm going to test it anyways to see if it works, but using UEFI would be better if I can.

has anyone else experienced a similar issue? 

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