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CMOS Checksum Error- inspiron 530s

I have a Dell Inspiron 530s. On boot up I get the following error message:

CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded

Diskette drive 0 seek failure

Press F1 to continue F2 to enter setup

However, my keyboard is not working. I have reset the blue jumpers, removed and reset the CMOS battery, and tried all of the USB ports with both the keyboard and mouse. I am also getting 1 beep on boot up. The computer was working fine until a few weeks ago after a storm went through. The computer is plugged in to a surge protector. Is the motherboard fried?

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RE: CMOS Checksum Error- inspiron 530s


Its the motherboard that has gone faulty. 

Is your machine under warranty ??


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RE: CMOS Checksum Error- inspiron 530s

It's no longer under warranty.

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RE: CMOS Checksum Error- inspiron 530s

Have you tried without that surge protector?

Some surge protectors come with a warranty that covers damage to hardware connected to it, so check its paperwork.


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RE: CMOS Checksum Error- inspiron 530s

Failure may be due to overstress traceable to the event weeks ago.  But more likely, it is due to the most common reason for failures - manufacturing defects.

CMOS error implies a defect in the CMOS memory.  Reseting that memory (not just removing its battery)  may reset CMOS to those default settings.  If that does not clear a CMOS error, then the memory chip has a defect that cannot be repaired.

BTW, adjacent surge protectors do not claim to protect from destructive surges (ie lightning).  Read its specification numbers.  Worse, plug-in protectors can sometimes compromise the superior protection already inside electronic appliances.  A completly different device (unfortunately called a surge protector) is required.  And is effective because it is so far from the computer and so close to earth ground. Even that adjacent protector needs protection only made possible by one 'whole house' protector.

For a surge to have damaged that memory, the surge has an incoming path but no outgoing path.  No outgoing path means a surges would not damage that part.  However you must connect a surge to earth BEFORE it can enter a building.  Otherwise you have no effective protection (ie that power strip protector).


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