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Can't enter bios on dimension 4600

While at college, my daughter had a friend do a clean install of windows xp.  I think the friend changed the boot sequence (hard drive #1) because I can't boot to her windows xp reinstallation cd.  Also the dell logo and windows xp logo do not show up during a reboot.  I have tried tapping F2 during the reboot to enter the bios but no luck.  Any suggestions as to how I can get into the bios to change the boot sequence?
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Re: Can't enter bios on dimension 4600

If the Dell logo isn't showing up on startup it can be difficult to tap the F2 key at the correct time.  Try watching the keyboard lights and tapping F2 immediately after seeing them all flash, which happens at the end of the keyboard test in post.


You can also try doing the same thing with F12 to bring up the one time boot menu, selecting to boot from the CD ROM drive.


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