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Cannot create backup disks Inspiron 620

I purchased a new Dell Inspiron 620 desktop yesterday and I cannot create the system recovery disks today.  When I look under Windows 7 disk management I can see that the 'hidden' partition is there, but the backup utility keeps telling me that it cannot be found or is corrupted.  I tried to do a full restoration (using F8) but at startup the machine ignores the F8 and goes straight to windows.  Is there an ISO image available for download?  I don't want to continue without having the backup disk(s) created, but I cannot seem to create them myself.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Cannot create backup disks Inspiron 620

You should be able to do a Dell Datasafe Recovery to a 16 gig or larger usb flash drive that would include the diag and recovery partition.   Systems acting as you have described are not Dell Factory Setup but rather have been cloned using a utility like Ghost or Apricorn or Acronis.  Unfortunately the Datasafe 2.0 partition is encrypted and cannot be cloned.

If this system came from an authorized Dell Dealer insist on getting it replaced with one that has a valid F8 factory restore partition.  

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Re: Cannot create backup disks Inspiron 620


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Re: Cannot create backup disks Inspiron 620

For an alternative method see my two wikis "A Clean Install of Windows 7" and "Microsoft Downloads". This will allow you to perform a clean install; phone activation will be required however.

I have requested Dell to make Windows .isos available for download; this Idea is "Under Review" in Dell IdeaStorm so maybe they will be available soon also.

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