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Cant use system recovery image; boot devices fail.....

specifically being able to recover from a system image within the control panel. it stated that there would be an option in the recovery section of control panel but its just not there. furthermore my computers been acting funky, but it always is (im computer retarded (I can check my facebook, email, burn music, connect my ipod)) but I'm starting to become alarmed. Whenever I select a boot option from bios it says boot device failed. no device found. (or something like that). I tried to use a system image recovery but it says something like the discs were created for a EFI system and this is a BIOS system (Or vice versa. I thought all windows systems were BIOS and aren't they the same thing, THEYRE THE DISCS CREATED WITH AND FOR THIS COMPUTER!). I have a dell and used their Dell Backup and Recovery Application. It ran its repairing and recover features but once the system restarted (during windows startup) it said undoing updates as if it was shedding all the repairs that the DBAR was able to do. I've tried using factory recover discs but (where in the past) it would seem to start up to a out of the box pc windows 8 introduction it looks like ive just ran reset pc with all my settings and account waiting for me. AND THEN THE OTHER DAY I LONGED IN AND and under my search bar (my homepage is msn which has a list of recent searches listed under it) there were searches that weren't mine. So I go to search history and my history page is filled with SEARCHES THAT WERENT MINE. This combined with random facebook login notifications that stated I was logging in in Los Angeles (Ive been to Los Angeles like 3 times. The last time being at least  5 years ago); which I'm not; and a really sneaky purchase of a couple iPhone apps on my apple account and credit card from like 2?3? months ago (AT THE TIME OF THOSE PURCHASED I DIDNT OWN AN IPHONE. MY ONLY APPLE OWNED PRODUCT WAS A IPOD NANO) that weren't me and I'm really worried. ALSO. When attempting to run system image restore from windows RE that im accessing from a.....repair usb drive(?) (not sure how this works); listed under drives that will be deleted (only two listed though im sure there are more like one called recovery or pbr image (that I have no idea how to access; when looking for sytem images on the pc nowdays it finds none locally and asks for me to install drivers; I was able to find the folder that contained them once which made my system image appear BUT magically that folder disappeard or was replaced with one labled Triedit that has no content) there are two. One is the USB drive Im (I think) using to run system image recovery and the other is one labled ST 1000LM024 HN-M101MBB that's 931.31GB. Again not an expert. But in the hierarchy of measuring data storage it goes MB, GB, TB. Right? So how can I be using a hardrive that seems to have ample amount of storage but have another hidden drive on it thats only a few hundred MB shy of 1 TB? I DONT KNOW WHAT F*** IS HAPPENING. Side note the ST 1000LM024 HN-M101MBB....drive?...label? also appears in my Bios boot options. Like everything else when I choose it to boot nothing happens or i get the (failed to boot. no boot device found) message. It just magically appeared one day too. Replacing my (what I assumed was hard drive) Toshiba something something boot option. Whats going on with my PC?

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RE: Cant use system recovery image; boot devices fail.....

Sounds like you may have malware...

You may want to go to www.spywarehammer.com and register with the same user name used here. Then read and follow their What do I do first instructions about creating a new thread. They will provide totally free and expert help finding/removing malware.

When you post over there, be sure to include the exact PC model and your version of Windows. Keep things very SHORT and very SIMPLE. They don't need all the gory details. Just the basic facts.

When one of the experts responds to you, read and follow his/her instructions carefully and answer all questions they ask.

BTW: Next time you post here, please break things up into short sentences and short paragraphs so it's easier to read. And please watch what you say because we want to keep this forum family friendly...thanks.


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RE: Cant use system recovery image; boot devices fail.....

Error 0x4001100200001005 if problem persists contact Dell support



If you have upgraded windows then you may need to unistall older versions and update to the newest.

 "Error 0x4001100200001005 if problem persists contact Dell support".

The reason you get Error 0x4001100200001005 is because the OEM hard drive was replaced with a retail hard drive.  OEM drives are "tattooed" or branded and the DELL recovery media will search for it before installing.  This is also why you cannot clone Dell Drives to new blank hard drives.

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