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Changing input voltage from 115 to 220 Dell Inspiron 620s

I'm sitting in the UK with the nearest phone down the street in a little box.... I brought my USA Inspiron 620S and monitor over. Bought new cords for both here, with UK plugs. Monitor is working fine. Switched from 115 to 220 via the red switch on the back of the Inspiron.  Plugged it in, it does not work. Pushing start button continuously gives a momentary amber glow, then nothing.

Have disconnected it from the UK plug, flipped the switch back to 115, have a step-down voltage converter and it's working ok. Would really like to not have to use the voltage converter, and just plug into UK mains.l  When I spoke to a person at Dell prior to moving over here I was told I'd "only need a new cord."  Obviously something was left out of the "how to" instructions.

Any advice on how I can get this to run on UK mains? Should there be some sort of secret "special" power cord that nobody seems to know about? I am really not keen on going to stand in the box on the corner to try to talk to tech support again.... phoned the number for USA tech support that I had with me and the gent was unable to help because I am in the UK. Sorry, but does the machine actually change when crossing international boundaries?????? The answer should be the same no matter where one is, no?

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RE: Changing input voltage from 115 to 220 Dell Inspiron 620s

Hi MomG12,

Thanks for posting.

Apologies that your system isn't functioning the way you wanted it to.

From the research I can find on this, shows that the computer could be in sleep/standby mode or there might be a problem with the system board or the power supply. 

If it works on the voltage adapter module without problems, your best bet would be to use that, otherwise either the system board or power supply would be suspect.

If you still have warranty left, and you've purchased the appropriate warranty for international service, you may be able to have it repaired under warranty, otherwise, the customer would be responsible for the repairs.

Dell-Robert P
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