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Compatibility issues with my new Dell XPS Studio 7100

I just received my new computer and have been tansferring all of my functionality from my old computer.  Many of the things don't work on my new computer.  Hopefully someone in this community can help.  here is a list of my issues:

       1.  I could not install Office 2000 Professonal because of compatibility issues, so fortunately I have a valid copy of Office 2007 and I installed it.
       2.  I cannot run my web application that utilizes Excel as a reporting tool because Windows 7 doesn't have the capability to allow that program to run Office automation in a web environment (Excel doesn't show up in the app. list in dcomcnfg.exe like the tech. spt. guy said it would) .  I have Googled the problem and a solution was found where I could run dcomcnfg in 32-bit mode.  Excel was found in that environment, but setting the security to allow IUSR didn't solve the problem.
       3.  I could not install SQL Server 2005 Express due to compatibility issues so had to install SQL Server 2008 Express instead.  That by itself isn't a problem as I work with 2008 all day long. but see item 4
       4.  I have a website that connects to a SQL Server in California.  I do the development on my PC before updating the real website.  There is something wrong where I can't connect to that remote SQL Server in dev. mode.  It has something to do with SQL Server 2008, but I have no idea what.
       5.  I have another two websites that utilize MS Access as a database backend, but Windows 7 or Office 2007 doesn't seem to have a Jet interface for it.
       6. I have an HP scanner that I have had for quite a while and there are no Windows 7 drivers available for it.
       7.  I haven't gotten to it yet because I've been so busy with everything else, but I think the same driver issue exists with my modem because it shows up with a yellow triangle next to it in my device list.
I'm about at the end of my rope and considering sending the computer back to Dell for a refund.  I don't want to do that because I really like the new computer.  but if I can't resolve these problems I'm going to have to.
Thanks in advance,
Jerry Scannell
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Re: Compatibility issues with my new Dell XPS Studio 7100

Upgrade your windows to Windows 7 Pro or Windows 7 Ultimate with the Windows anytime upgrade and install XP Mode.  Then install your office 2000 and your scanner software Etc in the XP mode virtual machine.

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