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Compatibility of Motherboard Connections?

Working with an Inspiron I3847-3538BK. Originally I started out planning to buy a graphics card and power supply to boost up my system a bit and have it perform better with games.

I came upon the realization, though, that the card I had selected will not physically fit into this case. There is only about 9 inches of space before it would hit the hard drive cage, and I need at least a foot.

So, I decided screw it! I'll buy a case then, too. I have another issue now, though. Im trying to get sorted before the items arrive so I'll be prepared and have as little downtime as possible.

I've been told that the connections from the front I/O panel and power switch to the motherboard on the Dell original case may not match the connections that will be on the front I/O panel and power switch of the new case.  So the new case may not hook up to my existing motherboard. Maybe if someone has a pin-out diagram of those connectors?

Is anyone able to confirm whether or not I'll have an issue here? if I have to buy a motherboard, then so be it, but I'd like to do it asap so Im waiting as little time as possible.

Thanks times a milliion!

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RE: Compatibility of Motherboard Connections?

You will have issues and there is not and will not EVER be pin-outs for the various connections.  

You can move the hard drive up to the optical bay OR use a 2.5 drive in the card slot bay.

Then drill out the rivets that hold the hard drive cage in.

12 inch cards require that the bays be removed.

Or you find a Mini ITX size GTX 960 or GTX970 like the Gigabyte version.


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