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Re: Computer Shuting Down With Blue Screen

I didn't mean that the system is misbehaving for a lack of graphics capability, but that the high demand is making a flaky component (perhaps video card, but could be other) act wonky.


Also meant to ask: are you dealing with the generic tech support or the XPS tech support?  Either way, I believe the "Dell way" is to keep on replacing components but never a complete machine (just in case it comes down to being a lemon).



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Re: Computer Shuting Down With Blue Screen

Yeah Dell replaced the graphics card not too long ago at which time I added a second identical card. I just got of the phone with the XPS tech support and they are sending out a tech to replace the processor and motherboard. I am also going to add another 2 gigs of Corsair Dominator memory for a total of 8 gigs. Hopefully all of this will solve my issue. Wish me luck and again thanks for the help!
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Re: Computer Shuting Down With Blue Screen


Are there any files that are listed below the stop code?

More than likely one of the drivers for one of your devices are causing a problem. This can be caused by a variety of hardware and software drivers. To localize it, you'll need the Windows debugger tool to look at the crash dumps. Once you figure out what file it is, find it and look at the properties of who makes it to determine what it is used for and then you'll know what needs to be reinstalled. Smiley Happy


How to use Windows debugger:

Follow the steps in order to download and install the program:


1.       Google > windows debugger> look for the link installing debugging tools for windows 32-bit version (usually the second link) http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/devtools/debugging/installx86.mspx

2.       Download and install the program. "In vista you will have to right click on the download and run it as administrator."


Once the Program is installed you have to set it up. 


1.      In XP you can launch the program from Start>All Programs>debugging tools for windows>windbg.  In   vista Pearl> in the search field type windbg right click and run as administrator.

2.       When you launch the program click on File> Symbol file path.

3.       When the box opens type in the symbol file path:

a.      SRV*C:\WINDOWS\SYMBOLS*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols

4.      Hit ok

5.      Close the Program and save the workspace.

6.      Launch the program according to step 3. 

7.       Click on File> open crash dump> navigate to C:\Windows\minidump folder and open the latest crash dump.

8.       Type !analyze -v in the bottom white bar to get detailed information about the crash.



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Re: Computer Shuting Down With Blue Screen

After everything that was tried and replaced it turned out to be the external maxtor hard drive and installed using firewire. I started from the begining with the OS and just started adding drivers one at a time until the problem arose. Took the hard drive back to Staples and all has been well for over a week now. Again thanks for all the help!
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