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Computer doesn't start - beeps!


The other day i turned on my computer and a blue screen appeared saying there was a problem with some hardware, and thar if it was the first time i had seen that message I should restart the computer, or start it in safe mode. As the keyboard wasn't working i simply turned the power on and off on the tower.

I have a Dimension 3100, with 512 RAm, Pentium 4 and i can't remember the other details but can look them up if needed.

When i turned the computed back on the screen stayed black, diagnostic lights 3 and 4 were lit up, and the computer beeped six times. It was like:

 beep / beep / beep beep / beep beep/    where / = a pause

From what i can gather this means that there's a problem with my memory? I did previously have low ram (512mb) but i've been meaning to upgrade the RAM but i haven't had time and don't know how. While not totally computer illiterate, I don't know how to play around with the technical side of things. I had also previously got a message saying my virtual memory was low.

Do I need a new memory card? Or could it have come loose? I used the computer the night before and it was fine, but then in the morning it suddenly didn't work.

If anyone can provide me with some advice as to what's wrong with my computer andwhat i need to do to fix it what would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Computer doesn't start - beeps!

There is no 1-1-2-2  beep code listed in the Dell manual  HERE

However, diagnostic lights 3 and 4 indicate a possible memory problem.  The first step would be to reseat the memory modules.  Reseat - with the PC powered off, open the case, touch a metal part of the case to ground yourself and then remove each memory module one at a time and then reinstal it making sure it's fully and correctly reseated.  CAUTION only handle the memory modules by the edges.    Power the PC back on and see if that takes care of the problem.  If not, try one memory module at a time in case one of them is defective.  The referenced manual also contains info on how to remove/install memory modules.

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