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Computer wont boot - error overclocking failed

Hi All,

A few days ago when I went to turn on my computer it would not start. The fan started up, ran for a few seconds, then stopped and tried to restart.

After about 10 attempts I got to to AMIBIOS screen with an error message "Warning - Overclocking failed - will revert to default settings"

It then tried to load windows and failed.

This has happened the last three days.

One time it loaded windows ok, everything worked ok, I shut the pc down and when went to re=start same problem happened.

Another time windows loaded (in safe mode) and then suddenly got a blue screen of death and re-booted and problems above occurred.

Another time windows loaded, it tried to repair the disc (I have a Raid setup) and then a blue screen of death again and re-booted and problems as above.

I rang dell tech support, told them the issue and was told I will get two new hard drives (for free)

But when I have googled this error message it seems it more a motherboard problem then a failure of the hard drive.

So question 1 is - how can I get this fixed (being slightly computer hardware illeterate and not confident to change BIOS settings etc)

Question 2 is will replacing my hard drives fix this problem as I dont think it will

Thanks for any help.


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Re: Computer wont boot - error overclocking failed

It would be best to wait for those hard drives to came in. Try it and if that fix won't work, check your motherboard as it may have the problem as what you think.

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Re: Computer wont boot - error overclocking failed

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