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Well, I ended up getting a Core 2 Duo.  It's an OptiPlex.  I never had so much of a time till I got it.  The Dimension I had was awesome.  I do the same sort of thing.  The chip on this one sits diagonal.  So, It's like there is room to grow.  Kind of funny.  Does anyone know why the F8 boot option doesn't work on mine?  I tried to RECOVER that way.  Worked before. Went to F1, finally Delete.  I'm not really caring too much to know, just kind of know already.

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RE: Computers a Recreation

F12 shows the Boot Device Menu. F8 shows the other boot options.

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RE: Computers a Recreation

The post is from an ESL gibberish spammer bot. The user should be banned and all posts deleted.

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