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Connecting desktop PC to stereo system

I want to connect my Vostro 200 to my stereo system to listen to internet radio when I'm not on my cpu in my den.  I've read many forum answers on this subject.  I have used a 6' unshielded cord with a 3.5mm stereo plug on one end  and a red and white rca "Y" plug on the other end.  Running from the back panel of my cpu Line Out (canary green) jack to by stereo reciever input jacks--any and all of them I have tried.  No success.  I get no sound out of the speakers connected to my stereo receiver/tuner.  Not a hum, not a low quality sound, nada, nothing.   What do I need to make this work? 

When I'm on my cpu I have a Cambridge Soundworks amplified speaker system (under $50 years ago) plugged in to either green line out jack in front or back and sound works fine.


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Re: Connecting desktop PC to stereo system

have you sucessfully managed to input any other sound source into your stereo system via the line♪in inputs your trying now? with aux input obviousley selected on the stereo itself

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Re: Connecting desktop PC to stereo system

The GREEN speaker jack is the one to use from the PC.  Do you get audio out of the speaker jack if you have PC speakers plugged in or a headset plugged in?  That is the first step.  

You should be using an audio cable (shielded) rather than an unshielded "speaker" cable between the PC and the stereo.

Also are you sure the stereo is working OK and the input you have selected is working?  Is there something else you can connect to that input on the stereo to make sure that is not the problem.

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