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Constant (memory dump) Blue Screens

Hi, I apologize for the long post, but if you have any advice/suggestions/knowledge of what is wrong with my computer, that would be fantastic! 3 days ago, my computer blue screened while playing a game. The blue screen was the "memory full; dumping physical memory" error, and it restarted. I launched the game again, and this time, the game crashed with an error before the computer blue screened. I then checked the game's error report-- since this only happened when I was on it-- and it referenced a game file. I deleted that game file, and as it tried to redownload the file, it blue screened with yet another memory error. **This was on the launcher, NOT while the game was open. Then I checked if there was a problem with my RAM. I have 4gb, and at least 2.5gb was free. The game has never used above 2.3gb (on max settings on a gaming computer; I play on lowest settings), so I contacted the game's tech support since it seemed to be strictly that game. In the duration I spent talking to them, I left my computer on, logged into Windows and idle. I went back to check my computer and it had a new blue screen, referencing a specific error code to a corrupted hard drive. I stopped logging into Windows and I ran chkdsk. After it completed, it found no problems. I then opened my computer and looked to see if the RAM was loose or dusty. With no luck, I wiped the harddrive and reinstalled Windows, in case it was a software bug. Not even after I finished setting up Windows, it yet again blue screened with a memory error. I then ran the Window's memory diagnostic, and at around 40% complete, it stated "There was a hardware issue found" and to "contact the manufacturer to identify and repair the problem." Interestingly, the computer crashed before the test was done, followed by an error that "Windows failed to start up." I then ran the Dell memory diagnostics test and everything passed with no errors found. I'm still running the Dell extended system test, but I doubt it will detect anything either. It's probably a RAM issue, but I don't understand WHY it spontaneously broke; I didn't install any new hardware or drivers. The blue screen error in relation to the memory can be found on google if you type, "blue screen memory dump." I understand that there's memory dump error reports, but I don't think that I can access them since the computer dies if I load Windows now. The specifications are 4GB of RAM (four 1GB sticks occupying all slots); their number thing is 2Rx8. Processor is 2.6ghz intel core2 duo, it has some kind of outdated intel graphics chipset, around a 500gb hard drive and the model is a Dell Inspiron 530. The PSU is 300watts, if that's relevant. I don't know anything about the motherboard. I apologize if this lacks information, but I'm clueless about computers. Thanks for reading. Oh and the OS is Windows Vista 32bit. Heh.
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Re: Constant (memory dump) Blue Screens

Could be a failing hard drive, failing RAM or even a failing power supply. Try this for starters:

  1. Power off and unplug
  2. Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
  3. Open case and remove all RAM modules except the one in slot 1 (closest to CPU)  (See manual here for slot numbering.)
  4. Remove motherboard battery and press/hold power button for ~30 sec
  5. Reinstall the battery (right-side-up!)
  6. Reboot and see if it works
  7. Then repeat #1-2, and swap a different RAM module into slot 1
  8. Repeat #4-6.
  9. Keep doing that until you've tested all modules in slot 1 or you find one that fails
  10. If they all work in slot 1, add a module to slot 3 and do #4-6
  11. If it works with RAM in slots 1 and 3, add one to  slot 2...until you've identified a bad slot or all modules are reinstalled and it's working properly.

If that doesn't help, you may have to consider the hard drive and power supply.



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