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Creative X-Fi Extreme Gamer ..... why the crackling noises??

My sound card is a Creative X-Fi Extreme Gamer and is installed in-between my TWO nVidia 9800 gx2 video cards. This is probably for cooling and/or tight fit issues in my XPS 730 H2C. The SLI bridge runs over but does not contact the sound card.


If I run the computer without SLI the sound runs normally BUT if I enable quad SLI I get a crackling noise in the background that intensifies with louder sounds.


Anybody have a fix that doesn't require moving things around ....



Bill R

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Re: Creative X-Fi Extreme Gamer ..... why the crackling noises??

This is a known issue with the Dell Branded X-FI sound cards . there is no fix for screech , crackle , hiss pops etc with the Dell Branded X-FI cards ,this issue has gone on since the xps 400 we are now at the xps 730 ,  do a search of this forum for either screech , crackle  , pops etc . the retail X-FI  has the same problem but less. there are new creative drivers version 2.18.0004 that may help your problem , and please make another post in the XPS forum about this issue please,  others will comment im sure

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