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CyberPower UPS and PowerPanel Personal Edition

When I purchased by Dell XPS Gen 5 over 5 years ago, I purchased a CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD.   When I loaded the PowerPanel Personal Edition and connected to my Dell, my system had a HARD crash - like one I've never seen - quick, hard, noisy.  CyberPower had no answer.  So, I reinstated the computer to factory set and it worked.  I then just used the CyberPower without the software.  It worked fine and has since. 

I'm going to get a new UPS for my Dell XPS 8500 and I'm concerned about having the same experience.  I would like to use automatic features of UPS software, including automatic shutdown.

My questions are:
Have any other Dell Desktop users, particularly with Dell XPS 8500, used a CyberPower UPS with the PowerPanel Personal Edition without any issues?
Have you used another brand with their software without any issues?
(I'm looking for one that is compatible with an Active PFC power supply)

Thanks in Advance. 

Old CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD: http://www.cyberpowersystems.com/products/ups-systems/intelligent-lcd-ups/CP1500AVRLCD.html

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Re: CyberPower UPS and PowerPanel Personal Edition

Saw your other post concerning the xps 8500 and the proper (true sign wave or stepped) ups backup power supply   I have 2 xps 8500 and just last week I along with others  proposed  the exact same question you have on this very same forum but on a different post  . unfortunately it appears now that two different Dell personal have given 2 distinctly different answeres to the above question unbelievable The answer you recieved is in direct contradiction to the one we recieved...  I wish Dell would get their act together.  based upon the previous answer we recieved several days ago I ordered 2 APC Smart  UPS  SMC 1500  with 900 watts true signwave power output.   I chose the 900 watt version based upon calculated expected draw... 460 watts (for basic desktop) + 50 watts for mointor + 10 watts for modum/ router an additional 100 watts for various additional add on external hardware (external hard drives ,printer, 2nd monitor ,speakers. etc  Based upon my expected calculated  backup power usage (approx 620 watts) Affording me approx 7 minutes of backup power   I do not plan to use automated shut down..others felt that the APC  SMART UPS  SMC 1000  (600 watts)  would be adequate for their needs...config...   APC UPS SMC1000 (600 watts) @ $297.00 and the APC UPS SMC 1500 (900 watts) @  $397.00 .. As an alternative  (lower price) the CYBER POWER  CP1350PFCLCD  (810 watts) pure sign wave  @ $189.00 and the CYBERPOWER

cp1500PFCLCD (900 watts ) prue signwave  @ $244.00   one end user suggested the cyberpower runs cooler than the ApC models but he also stated based upon past usage of cyber power units that the  expected backup run time of the cyberpower units would only be approx 3 minutes..  don't know why but maybe the weight of units has something to do with it .. the Apc units weigh almost double  ... possibly Apc using bigger batteries with more reserve capacity... don't really know for sure but that the only logical conclusion that would be weight reklated ..   Hopefully the answer that I recieved previouslly is correct and I don't have to return my recent purchases ...hope this helps  I'll be watching as to the new response in your other post ....good luck  

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Re: CyberPower UPS and PowerPanel Personal Edition

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