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DC Power Connector for Dell B110/1100?

I'm rebuilding my grandmother's old Dell B110/1100, and so far it's going well... except I can't figure out which power connectors go where. It's exactly the same computer you see in the instruction manual layout-wise, with 1 HDD, 1 CD Drive, 1 Floppy, and all the other things it'd need. Can someone help? Also, the Drive 0/Drive 1 ribbon cable goes to the CD drive, right?

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RE: DC Power Connector for Dell B110/1100?

All Drives use 4 pin Molex power connectors.  The 80 wire hdd cable usually only has 1 set of connectors.  The BLUE connector goes to the motherboard and the Black Connector goes to the drive. All drives should be set as CABLE Select.

The floppy Drive has a small power connector.

The DVD Drive goes onto the 40 pin grey cable with 2 drive connectors.

The motherboard has 4 pin ATX and 20 pin POWER.


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