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DELL Dimension E521 - RAM Upgrade error


I bought a Dell Dimension E521 two years ago. The specs are:


AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 2x2,0GHz

Asus EAH4670 512MB

1GB RAM (2x512MB)

320GB Harddrive


I decided to upgrade my RAM, it seemed to be the best decission to improve my PC. I bought two 1GB modules  from Swissbit, but once I clipped them on the mainboard and turned the PC on, it wouldn't boot! The mainboard just beeped a few times and the fan ran. I almost thought I broke it, but when I took the new RAM back out, everything ran fine. I tried different RAM, too, but the same thing happened. If anyone can help me, please reply.

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Re: DELL Dimension E521 - RAM Upgrade error

Some brands of memory will not work in Dell's.  For that reason most of the techies on here recommend Crucial memory as it is guaranteed to work in Dell's. HERE is the Crucial listing for the E521.

One issue, the E521 requires 1.8V memory and a lot of the newer memory is 2.2V and that can be another issue.

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