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DELL XPS 730x with SP2208WFP Monitor, BIOS Problem?!

XPS 730x latest BIOS

The BIOS start for 30s longer if connect SP2208WFP USB cable,  and USB devices from SP2208WFP(WEBCAM,...) maybe not working after OS(Windows 7 x64) loaded. but if unplug and plug it again, maybe works.

The current temp solution is:

POWER OFF, unplug the USB cable, and plug after OS loaded, everything works.


Hope to fix the bios bug asap.

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Re: DELL XPS 730x with SP2208WFP Monitor, BIOS Problem?!

I am sorry to tell you this but it is a known problem with the 730x and Dell will not be fixing it. I have the same issue with mine if I have a USB hard drive or any other USB device other than the keyboard and mouse connected. What I did was take all of my USB drives and put them on the network to get around this issue.

I have called Dell on this a number of times and they said there was nothing that could be done after verifying all of the Bios settings. Other than this issue it is a great computer and because I put all of the hard drives on the network now everyone in the house can share the files.

I had this with both Vista that was on the computer when I received it and with Windows 7 that is on it now.

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