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DELL XPS 8500 - Upgrading Processor

So I purchased my DELL XPS 8500 a number of years ago (Approx. late 2012!)

I currently have the CPU that was boxed with this - Intel Core i5 3350P @ 3.10Ghz

However, I'm having difficulty determining what motherboard I have and whether it will be compatible with another CPU (Currently considering Intel Core i7-3770)

...I would really appreciate some help/advice on where I can find this information or even whether this processor would be compatible?


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I am not certain, however I believe all of the XPS 8500 systems had the same motherboard.

I think the i7 3770 would be compatible.

You did not list much else about why you are wanting to upgrade and what other system components you have and what type of software you are running.

Sometimes more memory is needed, sometimes upgraded the Hard Disk to an SSD is needed, sometimes a better graphics card is needed, and sometimes all of the above is needed.

Just curious what you are doing that needs more CPU?

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Thanks for the reply Dan.

Honestly, the games I've been playing are just getting more demanding...

I've already upgraded the following:

Graphics Card: --> NVidia GTX 960

Ram: - 8GB (2x4GB) --> 24GB (2x4GB + 2x8GB)

However, this particular game is known to be CPU intensive and I'm not really sure how to determine whether a particular CPU is compatible with the motherboard I have.

...Therefore, after some time on google, I came across a post that mentioned the CPU above (Intel Core i7-3770) being one of the best for my motherboard.

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I'd go for it.

You can buy 3770 cpus used on eBay and sell yours used on eBay.

You will need new CPU thermal paste. There are a zillion videos on youtube showing how to clean the CPU and apply new thermal paste.

cliff notes


1: anti static wrist strap

2: clean old thermal paste using 90% isopropyl alcohol. I like to use coffee filter paper to collect the old paste. lint free...

3: apply new thermal paste, but not too much

4: delete old processor from device settings once it is set to go.

good luck

ps: you should also look into an SSD. Makes the machine much snappier. Won't game better but games will load faster.

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