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DEsktop Icons Move

During the past two weeks I have found  desktop icons to have shifted about when I boot-up. How can I lock the icons where I want them?
Dave Yeaton
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Re: DEsktop Icons Move

Right click desktop.
at the top of the right click menu you can sort icons by name size, type etc.....
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Re: DEsktop Icons Move

There's a freeware program called Icon_Restore.exe. It's very simple and allows you to save and restore the desktop icon layout. So when Windows suddenly reorganizes it, you can put it back with a simple click. It's downloadable from a number of freeware/shareware sites.

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Re: DEsktop Icons Move

That is not a fix it is a work around.


When you boot if you change display like docked and then bootup undocked the icon reset to a default layout.


I found that nview does it also and is most likely what is doing it during reboot.

If you setup desktop in nview each time you make any change it reset the desktop icons.

Maybe we can find a new version of nview that works

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