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Dell 8900 Desk Top XPS

I am in search of figuring out what to do.  I have had this XPS 8900 for about 2 years.  1st year ran fine. 2nd year I was doing a recovery and our power flickered and nothing is on this desktop.  will power on but nothing.  How do I get recovery disks to put back in what it came with?    Thank you  Chris

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Mary G
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RE: Dell 8900 Desk Top XPS

Recovery disks will not do any good if the computer won't boot. You need to find and replace the damaged hardware if any. Try turning it on and immediately keep tapping F12 without waiting for any screen to see if you can get into the boot menu to run hardware diagnostics and include a custom test of the hard drive. Try booting to your repair disk. 

Report the status of all the lights and explain what you mean by power on but nothing-- nothing on the screen or nothing on the drive or no sounds or fans, etc.

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