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Dell 9010 Shown Hard drives not found when suing Raid card

Hi, I using Dell 9010 with promise TX2300 raid card connected two 500GB hard disk, but when I reboot the computer always shown "Hard drives not found" press F1 to continue boot to windows XP, Please Help, I tired to press F1 at each computer boot up

Thank you


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XP requires F6 DRIVERS for anything other than ATA controller.

An AHCI controller will not work and have STOP 0x0000007B code (INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE)

without F6 Drivers.

This is not a Dell Support issue.

3RD PARTY Controllers will not work in Secure Boot mode.



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I finish and completed install XP and all driver, but I need press F1 to continue boot to windows every-time.

Is this can boot automatic boot to windows XP with raid controller?

Thank you


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