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Dell AC511 Soundbar and PS4

Hi everyone.

I've just bought the monitor Dell U2414H and the soundbar DELL AC511. I have some questions cause i don't know how to use properly.

I plug my sound bar into the PS4 USB port but i can't control the volume , i don't know why.

When I plug my USB Headphones mI have to disconnect the soundbar and connect the headphones through windows system management. But I think it has to be automatic, like i plug my headphones and the audio has to go out through my headphones no through my soundbar.

Thank you everyone for the help and sorry if my english is bad i tried to write my best.

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Mary G
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RE: Dell AC511 Soundbar and PS4

What model computer? Check the audio settings on the computer. Here is the manual for sound bar--

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RE: Dell AC511 Soundbar and PS4

Dell USB Sound Bars are not Supported on PLAYSTATION 4.

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