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Dell C521 won't start up (boot)

my dell c521 just wont start up anymore.  the monitor will but the computer wont.  Ive checked power supply and fuse but both seem fine.  Any advice would be great!?

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Re: Dell C521 won't start up (boot)

More data is required.  Confirm wall/strip socket has power.  Firmly reseat power cable.  Does motherboard light come on?  If not, unplug power cable, cycle voltage switch and reset to local standard, replug.  Still no light, replace power supply.
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Re: Dell C521 won't start up (boot)

No Boot can be cause by the following.


Bad Hard Drive

Bad Drivers especially Video Drivers

Unexpected shutdown

No Power




Check the power light on the computer. It should be solid green if it is not solid green then the issue is caused by a hardware which is responsbile for powering up the computer.Check for the diags lights


On the monitor do you see the Dell Logo? If yes Try tapping the f8 key on the keyboard to get into windows advanced options and try to boot to safe mode. if it boots successfully to safe mode..try a system restore.


Else update the video drivers.


If this doesnot fix the issue.. Shutdown the computer..and disconnect all the external devices and then try to boot. Still doesnot work.. Remove the modemcard and Remove the graphics card from the computer if you have any. Still does not work Run a test on HDD from f12 diags utility..and check whether it passes or not..



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