Dell C6220 BIOS & BMC Firmware (how to roll back to previous version)


I successfully updated the BIOS and BMC Firmware for our C6220 server. However now when boot, it keeps sitting at screen "Configuring Memory... Done" for at least 3-5 minutes before moving on to the boots detection, then there's a message states BMC version: FF.FF (instead of displaying the actual version)

I could not able to access the server via IMPI and found BIOS settings menu does not see BMC (message... BMC: Not Found). I suspect the either the BMC version 2.53 or BIOS version 2.5.3 or both on the support site is corrupted.


Dell PowerEdge C6220 / C6220 II BIOS Version 2.5.3
Dell PowerEdge C6220/ C6220 II BMC firmware 2.53

Could someone please kindly let me know how to revert BMC firmware back to its original version 1.2, and also revert/downgrade the BIOS to its original version?

Hope to receive your response soon!



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