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Dell DESKTOP XPS will not detect monitor or hard drives?

I have a fairly new dell desktop , about no more than 2 years old. XPS HU40AD-01.

Randomly the other day I go to turn it on and it turns out that it will not detect my monitor, I tried a couple different monitors with a couple different connections.

I tried to see if it was a hard drive issue by adding my second hard drive and still the same thing, each time I power on the desktop , the screen stays black,

The PC is powering up but will not detect any monitor.

This is very frustrating as this is a fairly new PC. I need suggestions.

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Mary G
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RE: Dell DESKTOP XPS will not detect monitor or hard drives?

2 years old is not a new computer. Do you see anything when booting? How do you know it is powering up? You cannot test the hard drive by adding a diff one. If you see anything on the screen when first booting, reboot the computer and immediately start tapping F12 to get to the diagnostics on the boot menu. Try using a recovery or repair disk if you cannot get to the boot menu. Test everything. If you don't get any errors, reboot and run the diagnostics again, but this time select Custom Test of hard drive to check the whole drive. Probably a failed hard drive or failed video card.

Always post your actual model name but do not include any service tag or other personal info--for instance--XPS 8700

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