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Dell Data Encryption preventing complete boot up

Yesterday I was trying (unsuccessfully) unbrick my lenovo idea tab. In the middle of doing so, I lost internet connection, I tried several things to repair the connection but it didn't work- it seemed as if something in one of the programs I was using was redirecting the internet access. I decided to do a system restore to a point where everything was fine and none of the tools I downloaded to work on the tablet were in my system. Everything went smoothly and I got the system restore was a success message. But now I have a new problem. I never set up dell data encryption because I did not have an external drive to do so. It appears that this program is now blocking parts of system boot. It allows me to get all the way booted up but then gives an error saying file not found system will restart. On a continuous loop. The reason that I think it is this program, is because it says dell data across the error message. I am writing this from my at work work computer so I don't have the specific error message but I can update the post at lunch.


I have successfully booted into safe mode and no immediate reboot happens. In safe mode I deleted all the files associated with the lenovo project just to make sure they weren't the cause. My thoughts are that maybe I need to delete dell data encryption services? Which I am not that familiar with doing -- from my understanding I have to create a safe mode in which the device installer will work....Any help would be appreciated.

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