Dell Dimension 2400 restore to factory settings

Hi, can anyone help me with restoring my dell dimension 2400 to factory settings? I can't even get to my main screen- no programs, not even the start button appears.  I have my cds that came with the computer.  My question is:  is there a certain order I need to install the cds?

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Re: Dell Dimension 2400 restore to factory settings

Any beeps from the tower?

What color are the diagnostic LEDs on the rear of the tower?

Do you see the Dell Splash screen?

Does it complete the POST (power on self-test)?

Do you see the Windows Splash screen?

What version of Windows?

If you reinstall from the CD or use PC Restore, you'll lose everything on the hard drive so your stuff has to be backed up on external media first.

Give us some more details before you consider reinstalling Windows.


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