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RE: Dell Dimension 2400 w/ Windows 7- CANT CHANGE RESOLUTION???

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Remember, this works wonderfully up and until you want to run Google Earth. Then Whooaaaaa Bessie, and a big thud, and you need to shoot the horse. The cheapest way out if you want to use Google Earth... Go find an nVidia 6200 chipset PCI (plain, NOT pci-e) card. EVGA brand is usually cheapest, I've found a new 256MB one in box on the 'bay for $8. Most I paid was $30 shipped for a new 256MB one there. I've got 512MB used cards there for $20 also, but bang4buck, 256MB cards are the way to go. Then, for that added expense, G/E runs flawlessly, you can run SETI/BOINC with the GPU version programs, AND, you even get a second monitor output! Yay! Just remember to plug your monitor into the new card of course, set video in BIOS to auto, and VGA aperture to highest, or, 256MB. BeenThereDoneThat, & cursed like a sailor- Duh, change the monitor plug over to the new card.... Then the only other things left to do to your 2400 are to increase the RAM to the full 2GB, and upgrade the CPU to a SL6PG or a SL6S5 3.06GHz HT CPU for $25ish (also on the 'bay). Maximum parameters required for the 2400 are: HT (HyperThreading- remember to enable in BIOS), 533FSB, and NO SPEEDSTEP. (I know, wrong forum! Shoot me.)
These CPU Numbers are the best bang for buck. Then you're done. Have fun.

I got DIM3000's, 2350s, all basically the same MBs, & all have the nVidia 6200s in them, all running 7ULT flawlessly with 2.2GHz-3.06GHz CPUs. The 6200 is the lowest number nVidia card and lifesaver to do WIN7 conversions well. The 6100 I had does Win7, but was on-board, so no opinion on the card version.

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