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Dell Dimension 3000 No sound

Alright theres a story behind this so bare with me, I left my house for a week and come home to see that my sisters fish tank exploded in her room later seeping a small puddle onto the top of my Dells casing from upstairs, the puddle was located on top of the case to the left of the case where there are no openings for water to flow onto my motherboard, the only thing that did have some water in was my Power supply, which was very dusty time, with the little bit of water and the dust made a pretty big mess, i left it for a few hours on is side where no water drained out, i was amazed, but when i turn it on, my cpu fan does 9999 rpm's and my power supply fan does none.

So i decided to take it out and give it a cleaning with canned air to remove all the dirt and dust, after i cleaned it out and reconnected all the cables and pressed "on" it worked perfectly no awkward sounds it booted perfectly, Little did i know that when i went to turn on my itunes there was no sound. i switched to headphones, tryed both headphone jacks, nothing I made sure nothing was muted and turned down, and nothing was, I re-installed all the drivers for my Integraded soundcard and my mobo's chipset, and nothing. I enabled and disabled my sound options in bios and no go. Im absolutly boggled as of now. talk to me folks

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Re: Dell Dimension 3000 No sound

Un install and reinstall the drivers or do a system restore by going in programs---accessories---system tools--sytem restore. Restore the system to a earlier date when ur audio was  working fine.
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