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Dell Dimension 3100-DV051 -BIOS A03 - Maximum Memory Issue

I just picked up this computer used and it only had 512MB ram. I got a good deal on 4GB (2-2GB sticks) at MicroCenter, who looked it up and said it was compatible.  I installed the memory and BIOS shows me having 4 GB avail, and Windows XP Professional 32 bit shows 3 GB.  I have read only that the 3 GB issue results from Limitation of Windows, but my biggestest concern is I looked up the specs for this computer here at dell.com and it says maximum memory is 2 GB.

The computer seems to work fine so far, but here are my concerns:

  1. Could my system really be using on 2GB ram. If I exchange this memory I would save $20.00
  2. Could I find out somewhere down the line that a program or situation that would cause the computer to fail because of having too much memory installed.

Any information or opinions on this situation would be appreciated. 

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Re: Dell Dimension 3100-DV051 -BIOS A03 - Maximum Memory Issue


2gb of memory is more than adequate to run XP Professional, personally I would return the RAM and get the $20 credit.



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