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Re: Dell Dimension 8250 bios recovery

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Just a pair of lines added for the fellow readers and hardware enthusiasts. I found on ebay the bios, for US $8.45 plus $5.48, the chips for exactly the same Dell Dimension 8250 (same as I've corrupted), here (Nov.2010 link):


Now that arises of course other questions:

Is the chip (or are the 3- three! chips) soldered? And if not, what for tools like extractors, aligners etc. should I use for to install/mount it/them on the motherboard?

So this is definitely not a solution for me (except if you tell me it could be mounted simply bare hands, adding some words on the how to) but maybe for you...

Good luck all!

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Re: Dell Dimension 8250 bios recovery

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Motherboards are "multi-layer" printed circuit boards.  The components are soldered on the motheboard.  Unless you have the special tools to work on soldered in components and possibily take into consideration the multi layer boards you will wind up with a mess.  

But considering the price you are not losing much by trying.  If you mess up the board or the chips installing them it's no loss as the board is bad anyway.


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