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Dell Dimension 9100 Running 2 Radeon video Cards side by Side PCI Express and a PCI ? is that do-able?

Hello - I have the old Radeon X550 with 125mb onboard -  video card in the PCI Express slot -  I want to run 2 moniors side by side.. Do I get a new faster PCI Express card - that supports 2 monitors or can I buy a PCI 1x express or a plain PCI card to run the 2nd monitor.  Which is better 1 fast card or 2 average cards?  I am thinking of adding the Radeon 4350 512mb - in either the PCI 1x express or a plain PCI bus.

Will the two cards play nice or will I be looking for anti-acid again?  I use this machine for podcasting and it is so quiet - I love it. Notice both Video cards have no fan ---and that was important also.


1) I fast card or two average.  Which?

2) Will two Radeon cards x550 and 4350 play well together?


Thank you

Been a Dell user now 10 years. I am now looking at my 3rd machine. They are great and the support and community will save you 5 years after you bought it when you are looking for drivers or some upgrade.

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