Dell Dimension E510 No sound/Constant Buzzing

Hi, I recently tried to use my Dell Dimension e510 and there is no sound but instead a constant buzzing sound whenever i plug in headphones or speakers.

I've tried everything I could think of, from reinstalling drivers to restoring my whole computer but there is still a constant buzzing sound.

If anybody can help me fix this problem that would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Dell Dimension E510 No sound/Constant Buzzing

What do you have connected to the PC?  e.g. is there something connected to the line in?  Buzzing can be a "ground loop" hum caused by some other AC powered device connected to the PC.  

I have an E510, and are you using the standard SigmaTel sound or do you have a separate sound card plugged in that you are using.  If you have a separate sound card, reseat the card and see if that helps (reseat - with the PC powered off, remove the card then reinstall).

I don't recall seeing anyone post with this problem, so its not something common to this model.  We have had a lot of power supply problems with this model, but if the power supply fails it usually just presents a blinking amber power light.

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Re: Dell Dimension E510 No sound/Constant Buzzing

Hi  Ayoitspat ,

Welcome to the Community.

This issus could be with the Sound Card as well as the speakers. Thus please try a different set of speakers on the computer. Also please check the sound on the front Mic port.

Please revert back with your observations. Glad to help you.


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Re: Dell Dimension E510 No sound/Constant Buzzing

Hi Ayoitspat,

Try connecting the headphones in the front green Line out ports. check for buzzing noise.

Try running Dell Diagnostics -> Custom Test -> Audio -> Analog Audio Playback test - check for the same noise, if the noise is present then it might be a hardware problem.

Check if the ports are cracked / broken, - damage

Try wiggling the speaker green connector and listen for crackling noise, try the headphones or speakers on a mobile phone / i-pod check for noise.

Reduce the Wave volume to 3/4th the max and decrease the Mic volume and disable Mic boost option Volume control properties. Reduce the volume on the speaker to 75% - too much volume would also create noise.

Keep away mobiles, Power sources, CRT monitors, UPS from the speakers / computer that create interference.

Try the steps mentioned above and revert.

Mark my answer as resolved if your issue is resolved

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