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Dell Dimension E520

Everytime I boot my pc I get a message saying:- Floppy diskette seek failure Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility. When I press the F1 key Windows starts normally. I have tried to disable the Floppy Drive and boot from the HD, but I am getting this message:- NO BOOT DEVICE AVAILABLE - STRIKE F1 TO RETRY BOOT, F2 FOR SETUP UTILITY.

The Boot Sequence Order BIOS settings on my PC shows that the Hard Drive is NOT PRESENT. Is this the reason why my PC wont boot up from the HD? How can I change this?




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Re: Dell Dimension E520

You need the hard drive to boot to Windows.  If the drive is not responding you will get the error.  Most likely the drive has failed, but open the case (with the PC powered off) and reseat the power and data connections on the hard drive and the data cable connection at the motherboard.  Reseat - unplug then plug back in making sure it's fully and correctly seated.

By the way, you've posted in the Desktop AUDIO section.  The Desktop GENERAL HARDWARE section would have been the place to post.

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