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Dell Dimesion 3000

I Would like to Get a faster Processer Like a P4 Celeron 3.2 GHz HT Can this Computer Support this Processer And is it worth it to do this Or Could I Change out Mainboard and CPU Can I DO this and what Mainboard Would be Better for me Thanks Gary

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Re: Dell Dimesion 3000

Since the 3000 has proprietary front panel wiring, it's very difficult to change in a third party mainboard and retain full functionality of the front ports. In addition, the old-fashioned DDR memory is nearly twice as expensive as DDR2 memory, and the mainboard has neither PCIe slot nor SATA slots. Finally, its onboard video is lacklustre and the only way to improve that is with a costly PCI discrete video card that will be much slower than a PCIe equivalent.

You can swap some of the parts, like the hard drive, optical drives, and power supply into a third-party case and put the money towards a budget mainboard like Foxconn's one of 740G offerings.



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