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Dell DisplayPort to DVI (Dual-Link) adapter ( Manufacturer Part# : F856T | Dell Part# : 330-6841)


Is this the correct picture?  Google is showing me a simpler adapter without the USB portion (i.e. passive adapter).  I wish to be able to use this to connect my dual-link DVI only monitor that is 2560x1440 to my laptop (radeon 8750m) which only has VGA or display port.  Is this the correct adapter?  The description does mention 2560x1600, but I'm a little skeptical due to the differring picture results from my Google search.

Edit: Updated link.

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RE: Dell DisplayPort to DVI (Dual-Link) adapter ( Manufacturer Part# : F856T | Dell Part# : 330-6841)

You cant do Display Port to DVI (Dual-Link)  with a passive adapter.

This particular Adapter is DVI-D which means you CANT do DVI-A analog VGA.  DVI-I has the extra pins.

DVI anything cannot do 4k or 5k video.

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NVIDIA Geforce graphics cards have offered 10-bit per color out to a full screen Direct X surface since the Geforce 200 series GPUs.  Due to the way most applications use traditional Windows API functions to create the application UI and viewport display, this method is not used for professional applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop.  These programs use OpenGL 10-bit per color buffers which require an NVIDIA Quadro GPU with DisplayPort connector.  A small number of monitors support 10-bit per color with Quadro graphics cards over DVI.  For more information on NVIDIA professional line of Quadro GPUs, please visit:






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