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Dell Insperon 620 - No Beeps, No Display, Fans still going

Hi, I've been having this problem from probably about a month now.

It started when I put in a new i5 and a new 8gb of RAM from my previous i3 and 4GB of ram. (I may have broke something or done something wrong at this phase, i.e.  had a static touch of death to the motherboard)

After putting the new hardware in, I kept getting black outs on my screen, saying my video card was not responding, or most of the time is was just a complete black out, and my only fix was a force shut down. It'd occur anywhere from during a game, to searching online for help. I could still hear sound and the drive was still running and what not however.

Changing the processor or ram back didn't do anything.

So I thought it was a power issue.

I upgraded my 300w to 520w.

It didn't do anything. It still proceeded to crash. In fact, it started after a while to become blue screens of death.

So I thought it was a video card issue!

I went online and bought a NVIDIA card brand new (my computer originally had a AMD Radeon HD 7700 in it), and I placed it in after uninstalling all AMD Drivers. It installed the NVIDIA drivers, and it seemed all fine and dandy.

But of course, I start getting things like, unable to get a visual after seeing the windows logo on the monitor after installing the drivers, or video card not responding errors again (just like the AMD card).

Taking out the NVIDIA card seemed to allow me to get on the computer safely.

No matter the amount of clean installs and downgrades to both video cards, it didn't do anything.

After seeing that the computer seemed to work fine with the i3 and 4GB again after 3 weeks, I tried putting back the i5, but when I put it back in, the computer wouldn't start. I'd get the black display, no beeps, fans are running, everything is running, yes the monitor cord is plugged in. The only way I'd hear a beep is if I took out both pieces of RAM. Not sure if that is useful or not.


So I reset it in every possible way (removing battery and resetting it, and changing the jumper).

Then I suspect to think that the battery is out of power!

So, without having a voltage tester working, I go and buy a replacement from a near by store, and place it in the slot, and the difference will AMAZE YOU.

Nothing happened.

It stayed the same and now I'm wondering whether I have to get a replacement motherboard, or another flipping processor, or what.

I'm wondering if I may have not been handling it the best when coming to terms of anti-static, but I never remember hearing a buzzing noise or seeing anything when picking the processors up or the motherboard.

I've completely cleaned every corner of the case and motherboard (of course using computer safe products) but nothing changed.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR JUST READING THIS ALL. If you can supply any help on anything, PLEASEEEE DO SO!


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