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Dell Inspirion Sound Hiss While Recording

If anyone has any idea what the problem is with my pc, I'd be very grateful to hear.

I bought this computer from Dell in 2007:

Manufacturer: Dell
Model: Inspirion 531
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Dual Core Processor 6000+ 3.00 GHz
Memory (RAM): 3.00 GB
System Type: 32 bit Operating System
SoundCard: Creative X-Fi Audio Processor (WDM) – Manufacturer:
Creative Technology, Ltd

The sound card is currently upto date.

However, since I bought the machine, there is a hiss when I try and record on the pc with a microphone plugged into a mic preamp (Behringer).

Any ideas what is wrong and how I fix this?  Is it the soundcard? 

Thank you,



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Re: Dell Inspirion Sound Hiss While Recording

I have a recording studio (using Sonar and Pro Tools).

I would suspect the problem is the signal level from the Behringer t the PC or the Behringer unit.  I have some Behringer audio equipment and its all "noisy".  e.g. I have a Behringer headphone amp and it is noisy, even with no signal. 

I assume you are using a P.A. type mic, and the reason for the Preamp between the mic and the PC, as a standard P.A. mic's output signal level is too low for a PC sound input and amplifying it will produce noise.

The output from the preamp should be at "consumer line level" (-4DB)  for proper PC sound card operation. 

Also without any mic connected, listen to the output of the preamp and see if hear any noise. 

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Re: Dell Inspirion Sound Hiss While Recording

Hi fireberd,

Much appreciated your feedback.

I've tried keeping the output at below 0 DB on the Behringer but there's still hiss on the microphone (I use a condenser) although, there is very little hiss when I use a line in on an electric or accoustic guitar, so, come to think of it, would I need a certain type of microphone?  From what you said it seems noise is the case with Behringers, I don't know if another microphone would do any good?

I am thinking of buying a Mobile FireStudio to hopefully solve the problem with microphones and it's signal- any thoughts on thsi fireberrd?

PS Do you use an Inspirion or Dell Machine with your recording studio?  Is this a home recording studio?  Basically i want to record from home, but the hiss has been a real problem as it means I have to use an effect to take off the hiss which affects the vocals slightly and spoils the recording.

Thank you again, much appreciated your reply,


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