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Dell Inspiron 15 working dead slow, want refund?


I bought dell Inspiron 15 on 27/12/2014 online through dell website. I got it in two days. But when I turned it on and download couple of essential updates, it started working dead slow. I tried to use it next day but it got absolutely freezed when I used Skype. It's not one can expect from brand new laptop. I tried online support and diagnostic test but nothing comes up and it still work like a vintage laptop build centuries ago.. Very slow..I did sent email asking for return and refund but haven't heard anything as I read about some 14 days policy. Please tell me what to do as I don't want this laptop. It's a total waste of money and time. I'm absolutely unsatissfied with this product. Please tell me what is the process to get my money back. Thanks.

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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 working dead slow, want refund?

Windows 8.1 ?

Have you tried doing a Reset to restore the factory image, which will undo any of the updates you did?  

Be sure to back up personal files on external media first because everything will be lost when you do the Reset. Then see if things improve...

See if there are any fixes for your Skype problem here


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