Dell Inspiron One 19 CPU upgrade (Board 06390H specification)


I just upgraded my Dell Inspiron One 19 from a Celeron E3300 to a Core 2 Duo E6700 (as I got it for basically £0 on ebay).  I'm now thinking that I could have maybe upgraded to a Core 2 Quad (perhaps a Q9650).

Without any kind of a manual for the motherboard I feel I'm just guessing or relying on possibly incorrect information... like here.  So I'm really looking for a list of the best possible performing CPU's for this board or the boards specification / documentation.  The board is reported as a 06390H via cpu-z.

Thanks for any advice.


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RE: Dell Inspiron One 19 CPU upgrade (Board 06390H specification)

Hello!  According to the Setup Guide located here, it is compatible with the Core 2 Quad.  It unfortunately doesn't say which ones.  If it came with the E3300, and the E6700 is working, check voltages and such and find a Quad that will work within those parameters.  Dell computers sometimes are picky in terms of what they will accept even if they should accept something.  

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RE: Dell Inspiron One 19 CPU upgrade (Board 06390H specification)

You just upgraded the CPU to a faster speed 1066MHz from 800MHz, does it perform faster?

My Inspiron One 19 has a G41 ICH7 chipset with FSB = 1333MHz supported.

A List of Intel Core 2 microprocessors states the Quad Core Q9650 - 1333MHz uses more power - 95W vs. the Inspiron's supplied CPU's 65W .

This thread for the Dell Inspiron One 19 Touch has Dell Support listing only 65W CPUs - the best is Yorkfield Core 2 Quad Q9550, 2.83GHz, 12MB, 65W, E0